About Stay True Tattoo

Stay True Tattoo was established in early 2011 with the founding principal of NOT being like the other shops.  Lubbock is saturated with pre-Madonna (before the actual singer) and prima donna artists with “rock-star” attitudes and customers were NOT getting the gratitude they deserve.

Stay True Tattoo was formed by veronica mora and Bido Gonzales with the vision of providing a quality product in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. We pride ourselves in superior customer service.

After going through many changes in our first year, including the devastating loss of our apprentice, Miss Shae Reed, and the decision of Bido to pursue other avenues, the shop is now on track with a plan for the future to continue to grow and provide great product and exceptional service.

We offer a wide range of tattooing styles and piercing services. All of our services are performed under sterile conditions, with single use needles. All of our artists have been trained and certified in cross contamination prevention and blood borne pathogens.

In a short time, Stay True Tattoo has secured itself as one of the top shops in the area.  We have the greatest customers in the world and we will continue to provide them with the best crew that is possible.