Friday, May 13th, 2016

Check out some of the artwork that will be available on the next Friday the 13th. The pricing on these special tattoos are $13 with a $7 tip!!

Things are really busy on this day so take the time now to plan accordingly.

Check out some of the flash on the right hand side.

Contact the artist and/or shop and make an appointment for that day…times will be hard to predict so just make sure to tell the artist you WILL be there.

If you try to walk in on this day in the late afternoon there is a good chance you can be turned away. We hate when this happens but please prepare now and accordingly.

Also, instead of getting mad and walking away ASK the artist if they will honor the tattoo and price at a later date…it never hurts to have a GREAT attitude and ask him or her.


Brian Jimenez
Iris Campbell
Israel Ortega
Mike Lego
Noodles Chavira